About Us- HHWholesale Club

HH Wholesale Club is one of the recognized names occupied with supplying, distributing and exchanging of a wide scope of herbal products, which are manufactured by Herbal Hills. The herbal product range comprises of Ayurvedic Herbal Powders, Health Juice (FASSAI), and Herbal Ayurvedic Juice, Green Food Supplement, Herbal Ayurvedic Formulation, Herbal Ayurvedic Single Herb, Herbal Coffee and Tea, Natural Personal Care, Herbal Soaps, herbal Seeds, Herbal Drops, etc. We have capitalized on every opportunity to bring our high-quality products to Ayurvedic doctors, distributors, and herbal Ayurvedic shop.

Aside from picking state-of-the-art manufacturing units for quality production, we also have an integrated supply chain that leverages our strong herbal product placement capabilities, committed to significant market sales shares in all districts of India. Our unique and strong relationships of Ayurvedic dispensing doctors, distributors and all the members help us to deliver upon our promise to Ayurvedic doctors and herbal Ayurvedic stores.

How Manufacturing of Wide Range of Herbal Products Occur at Herbal Hills?

Established 12 years ago, this Herbal Hills is one of the leading and trusted manufacturers of Herbal supplements. The novelty of Herbal Hills lies in the traditional cultivation methods, which has been followed owing to the own herbal land at Lonavala, in the range of Sahyadri mountains. With chemical free, pristine and most suitable aura, all the herbs are of premium quality and efficacy. Along with a classic cultivation method, Herbal Hills focuses on top-notched and modern manufacturing technologies to achieve superior quality.

As far the purity is a concern, Herbal Hills manufactures all the Herbs in ISO registered unit to retain its optimum value and purity. It also holds Halal and GMP certifications to assure that the products are of superior quality and to fulfill the customer’s satisfaction.


• GMP and Halal certified a wide range of herbal products
• Experience research team to assure unique and most beneficial products
• In-house laboratory
• In-house well established logistic system
• Affordable price for members
• Bulk quantity of herbal products
• Best returns without any commercial investment
• User-friendly site to start with
• Delivery of goods directly from the factory within 3-4 working days

Mission of HH Wholesale Club

The mission of the company is to make the maximum and vast product line available to 20 lakh Ayurvedic doctors and distributors at the doorstep without any hassle. To make the best direct selling wholesale company available at the most affordable rates and to offer a host of premium value-added products. To bring the latest development in the herbal wholesaling industry within the reach of the common Ayurvedic doctors and distributors.

Vision of HH Wholesale Club

Our vision is to be an innovative and vibrant wholesale company in Indian to supply herbal products directly from manufacturers to desired members. To bring the latest development in the herbal wholesaling industry within the reach all Ayurvedic doctors and Herbal Ayurvedic stores to cut off the logistic cost. To set up a trend of direct selling practice to invest in gaining the confidence of our members and to share the optimum benefits within the wholesaling industry.

Be a member of HH Wholesale Club and join the journey of direct selling and purchasing of bulk herbal products in most affordable prices.