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Cough and cold is the most common disease occurring in this century, owing to the polluted environment, dust, stressful lifestyle, unreasonable seasons, and much more. Choosing drug-driven medicines for fast relief can create various side effects, and so, choose Ayurvedic medicine for cold natural medicine for cough and cold. Try our inventive and novel herbal medicine for cough and cold, named as Kofhills tea tablets. These tea tablets are an instant liquid extract to resolve the cold and cough naturally. It contains various authentic herbs to improve respiratory health. Along with these novel Kofhills tea tablets, yashimadhu, methi, etc. can help to soothe the respiratory tract soreness.

Give Ayurvedic medicine for cold and cough a try to live a healthy life!


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Cough and cold is a very common health problem among-st all the generations. common cold is a viral infection of your nose and throat/ mostly upper respiratory tract. 

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